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Meditate Where Science & Spirit Unite

How well you manage your own inner awareness
determines everything in life.

So ... what is the most effective way to manage your mind
and expand your awareness?

Psychologist John Selby has recently completed 30 years
of research merging ancient meditative techniques
with exciting new breakthroughs in cognitive science -

The result is a genuinely-new and powerful method for waking up deep wellsprings of creativity, peace, charisma and wisdom.

All New Material:

1: For this online course John has written an entirely new set of insights and instructions beyond the scope of his book. Even if you've read Seven Masters, One Path you'll find this online experience full of new insights and inspiration.

2: This course offers seven 10-minute guided audio experiences with John never before available. plus a beautiful combination of John's guiding voice with an accompanying slide show of full-page nature photos.

3: We have also included a special meditation-journal dimension that encourages inner reflection about your meditation experience.

4: For no extra charge you can download over 4 CDs worth of audio content, and take John's meditative guidance wherever you go! Over 4 hours of medation music and guided meditations.

5: BONUS! John will be adding new audio and video lectures and informal chats to keep this course new and evolving for years to come. This means you can return to the online course often, not just for audio refreshers in the method, but for new insights and even new additions to the meditation method!

".... John is a magnificent spiritual guide. I love this program and am delighted to endorse a most enlightening process."

--Caroline Myss, bestselling author of Sacred Contracts,
Why People Don't Heal and How They Can, and Anatomy of the Spirit

Meet The Seven Masters

John's merger of science and spirit includes a remarkable integration of the meditative teachings of Patanjali, Lao Tzu, Buddha, Jesus, Mohammed, Gurdjieff and Krishnamurti.

He also teaches a new scientific technique for quieting the mind in less than two minutes, and refocusing your attention exactly toward the source of your own inner creativity and wisdom.

  • Included in this online course you will find over 60 never-before-published pages of lessons, principles, exercises, and meditations plus full explorations of the seven spiritual masters whose unified meditative vision underlies this method.

  • While learning the process of meditation, you also gain access to John's insights into the historic masters who first discovered the essence of consciousness expansion and heart awakening:

Here are a few of the many learning aids in this course:

  • Spiritual Focus Phrases that immediately re-direct your attention toward
    inner awakening and insight

  • A Quiet Mind method for instantly quieting bothersome thoughts, and shifting into full engagement with the present moment.

  • John's Breath Anchor process that enables you to tune into your breathing as your core experience - no matter what else you're doing.

  • Soothing and unique Seven Masters meditation music composed and performed by John Selby and friends.

  • Seven Primary Classes that make sure you fully understand and also experience each of the seven expansions of consciousness that are the heart of this meditation program.


  • John has recorded additional discussions and meditations to expand your learning process, so that this course becomes a genuinely-lifelong meditation support system

  • Choose Your Timeframe: For your daily giudance, you can choose to employ 1-minute, 3-minute, 6-minute, and 10-minute audio meditations, depending on the time you have available.

  • John also presents for the first time in this course an remarkable expansion of the Seven Masters meditation that he developed after he wrote the book, called ... The Spiral Meditation.


To gain a quick feeling for the depth of John's teachings, feel free to listen to the following short Audio Samples.

The first sample is the beginning of a general discussion of the roots of meditation, recorded during a training class. The second offes a very short experience of the begining of one of John's inner-focusing meditations ...

Audio Sample 1 - :36 Minute

Audio Sample 2 - 1:08 Minutes

Fast To Learn ~ Easy To Remember

As in all of life, there is no free lunch in meditation - a bit of discipline is required to maintain a high quality of consciousness throughout your day.

However, you'll find the Seven Masters process remarkably easy to master - because it's based on both ancient meditation principles and also new insights from cognitive science that enable you to manage your mind with high efficiency and expanding pleasure.


Knowing how effective this online training course is, John offers you this full guarantee:

Sign up today and you have 10 days to explore this course. If within those 10-days you are not happy with the course and the positive results it produces in your life, we will refund the entire course fee.

A message from John

"Becoming master of your own mind is the great challenge - and the great freedom! I welcome you to join me online and discover your own power to shift into a higher, more rewarding and enjoyable quality of awareness. You'll soon discover that you can stay in this expanded spiritual state all throughout each day, for the rest of your life!"

























Copyright © 2006 and beyond by John Selby. All rights Reserved.
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